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I sent more hate mail to Equifax


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OMG!!! When I pulled my Equifax report last week, I was flabbergasted that Asset was again reporting on a Providian account that had disappeared from my file for almost a year. It's back and inaccurate as ever. Try a DOFD of 11/2007. I can feel the scores going down. They are reporting the same BS on another account with the same screwed up DOFD and not much else. Then I noticed LVNV Funding on there it to is being reported with a DOFD of 11/2007!!!! AND THEN I decided to look even further and Equifax has dropped my mortgage accounts and other accounts with good paying history as well as a couple of revolving accounts that were in excellent standing. I am confused and pissed!!!! HOW DARE THEY MESS WITH MY CREDIT!!!! That is MY job!!!

OMG, the snoddy beotch at Equifax, that would not even let me explain to her how wrong she is. She knew she had bitten off more than she could chew.

Now the letter is coming over beotch. How you going to splain that?

Equifax is in trouble.

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