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What do I do next....have disputed and sent these letters.


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Ok, I'm fairly new to all this and don't really know what to do next.

So far, I've disputed with all 3 CRA's my negative tradelines and here's what I've managed to do:

1. HSBC (OC) charge off --verified

2. HSBC (OC) paid charge off--verified

3. Debt Credit Services (old phone co. )--DELETED

4. Capital One--Paid charge off--verified

5. Washington Mutual/Providian--verified

6. Palisades--Paid/settled for less charge off...--verified

7. Account Services (hosp bill)--DELETED

8. United collections bureau--verified

9. united collections bureau#2 --verified

10. Credit bureau services of michigan (have 7 neg tradelines with them...all hosp bills. all are paid except two. ) --verified

11. Client Financial Services (medical)--verified (this has already been paid and is VERy recent. sent goodwill letter yesterday)

5 inquiries transunion

3 inquiries experian

**So far, I've send letters to remove inquired to the creditors who've inquired to each CRA.

I don't know whether to dv the ones that verified because some are paid charge offs and some are original creditors and some are CA's.

What's the next step that I should take.

I also applied for and got approved for an HSBC unsecured mastercard w/ $300 limit to start to rebuild my credit.

I will need a car loan sometime in the next 6 months, so I need to try and get my reports as clean as I can.

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Did you dispute all of these trade lines at the same time? If so, that could be why they all came back verified.

I would suggest that you challenge only 3 at a time, and most. Also, it would be helpful to know how old/new these trade lines are. Are any of them more than 4 years old?

Were it me, my next course of action would be to request the method of verification, I haven't been on these boards in quite a while, but if the law still holds true (someone else can chime in here) they must furnish you with how they verified, including the names and numbers of the verifier.

Hope that helps.

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Capital one- opened 3/2001, last pymt 6/2006, reported 5/2007

Washington Mutual-opened 2001, last pymnt date 4/2006, reported 9/2007

Palisades-may 2007

HSBC #1- open 9/2001,reported 11/2006

HSBC #2- open 7/2001, reported 9/2006

Credit Bureau services of mi #1- 12/2006, reported 10/2007

cbsom#2- 2/2006 reported 8/2007

cbsom #3- 3/2004, reported 10/2006

cbsom#4 2/2006, reported 10/2006

cbsom#5 4/2004 reported 10/2006

cbsom#6 12/2003 reported 10/2006

cbsom #7 9/2006 reported 10/2006

There was also a listing for Direct Merchants bank on there that I disputed as well. I got a written response from EQ that said " we have reviewed your concerns and our conclusions are: The disputed direct merchants bank inquiry 11-3-07 is currently not reporting on your credit file"

This isn't true. It's listed as HSBC and that's how it was listed when it was disputed. How can they said that it's not reporting when it currently is.

I think I disputed 4-5 things at a time.

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