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Tonight I am planning on playing around in the kitchen and inventing some new egg salad.

I am basically planning on taking from a bunch of different recipes.

Any suggestions on what I might add?

I love celery so I add to my tuna and egg salads. I also add digon (sp) mustard for a little kick. :)

::idea2:: Good idea Wickeday! I think I'll make some for the kids! :p

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It's for sandwiches mostly I guess, or just by itself.

I don't really have veggies like celery or onions, but I do have a new spice rack so have lots of that stuff. I read that some people use pickle juice, garlic, those crunchy onion things you put on a green bean casserole, vinegar, and mustard, mayo, soy sauce, butter, salt, pepper, etc.

Thanks guys!

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I use 2 recipes for eggs...

One is plain eggs, mayonaise, onions, pickles, usually bread and butter, dijon mustard and garlic salt covered with paprika dusting

Second recipe I call fancy eggs, Mayo, Stone ground mustard, gives it some texture..finely chopped onions, and topped with olives...and lawreys season salt

Both are good :)

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Anything that is easy to do that goes as a side dish with Organic Hamburger? I'm thinking some sort of salad, but that's just too "normal"...y'know? I'm thinking of grilling some red and green bell peppers with garlic or whatever...but after that I"m blank.

Grill the peppers and brush them with Italian salad dressing...ummm then add them to a nice piece of romaine lettuce, takes up alot of space on the plate and looks good too

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i put a small amount of worchestershire sauce in my egg salad, along with the juice from the pickle jar (thankfully I don't live with snow or we'd never have juice to do it), i also sometimes add cilantro, once i even added some tarragon.... basically, i have an italian version, the regular version, the sweet version, a VERY spicy version and the bland version.

sorry, i measure nothing so i can't say how much, i just add it till it looks and tastes the way i want.... i LOVE TO COOK...now stop talking about food, i'm on a diet!8]

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