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Credit Repair: Please Help!!!


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I am 36 y/o and had a nice credit until I had an accident a year ago. I was not at fault but the accident had resulted in broken elbow and numerous medical bills. I hired an attorney to handle the bills and transaction but hospital sent the bills to collection already.

I have recieved some documents from the lawyer that the settlement has aleady been made and that the bills has already been paid. I told the attorney about my damaged credit but she said she couldnt help. I am now scrumbbling to get it fixed as I felt its not fair to have it appearing in my credit.

Any help or any information can help...Thank you very much.


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Welcome! :)++

Sorry to hear about your accident but glad you are doing ok.

The first step would be to get a copy of your credit reports. By law every consumer has the right obtain a free copy of their credit reports from every reporting agency every 12 months. You can go here to get one:


Once you have had a chance to look over your reports you can then devise a plan on what and how you would like to start on. In the meantime you can start by reading here:


Continue to read the "sticky posts" at the beginning of each section that might pertain to your situation. Remember you can use the search option for a specific question that might have already been addressed.

Some added reading:

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (Guidelines on what collection agencies can or cannot legally do when collecting debts)


Fair Credit Reporting Act

(Govern how your credit history should be reported and for how long)



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