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Best Buy MC w/ Annual Fee..Worth It?

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Hey guys,

My DH was approved for the BB MC for $300 and I was reading through the contract, and the additional disclosure. He's being charged the $79 annual fee! The highest they have.

I'm not sure if it's even worth keeping.

I'm wondering. :?: Should we try to talk to someone about doing 'something' about the AF? Or just cancel and re-apply later on when his EQ is higher? :?:

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I think I already knew the answer, just needed the 'nudge' from you guys ;)

DH will call and see if the AF can be waived, if not...Buh-Bye.

DH's EQ is the lowest, but it will get better. Heck, he just got the $2500 Walmart discover.

And in a couple of months, he will apply for the NFCU Trifecta.

Thanks guys xdancex

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One of my first CC's (Hooters) since beginning repair carries a $79 AF with $1000 CL, with the possibility of getting CL increases with responsible use. I needed it at the time, and having the positive TL has helped me do better since I got it. I just figured it was going to cost me $6.59 a month to have a positive Master Card account reporting, at a time when I was spending $35-$40 a month for CMRRRs.

Put it into your own perspective (or his)... What else does he do that costs more or less the same but doesn't help to improve his credit one iota? Smokes, Drinks, Fancy Lattes, Lottery Tickets, etc? Weigh the benefits.

You might consider it a small investment until you don't need it anymore, then proceed as others have suggested above.

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My thoughts are this. He doesn't really need this card right now.

I believe that the reason he got such a small CL is because his EQ is so far behind TU and EX. GEMB pulled TU for Walmart and he got a $2500 Discover. HSBC pulls EQ and he gets $300.

Anyway...we'll see what we can do about the AF...even if they lower it, it'll make us (well, mostly me) happier :lol:

DH is slowly learning about his credit...which is why I handle the finances, and am currently repairing and rebuilding his. Thank goodness I love doing this! And he appreciates that I am tackling this for him...otherwise, he'd not be where he is now. :)

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