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What's the next step??


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All this credit repair has made my brain hurt!!:)

I've gotten a lot deleted but I have a questions..hopeful someone can lead me in the right direction.

It involves some medical. I have disputed several times with the CRA and DVed the CA. They have basically updated all my reports (some before they even sent me validation) but they did eventually send validation. The CRA's won't investigate anymore. The validation was just a computer printout of charges. No clear picture of what's being charged for what and for whom and who preformed what.

I also had some medical that another CA owned and DVed them and poof they went..... Then this other one bought all those.:twisted: This local collection company now owns 6 of my medicals. A new one just popped up this morning. It's 3 years old.

Just wondering what should be my next step with these people?


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I recently had a medical collectionAnd got it so it was not reported at all.

I dv with the collection agency, it came back as verified. I called the OC and asked the to investigate, they said they would. they sent me a copy of a bill, but I was not listed as the responsible party.. how can I pay a bill Im not responsible for.

I have Great HI.. I asked them to provide me the location of were the bill was porcessed, they could not provide it. and evently just ate the charges for improper billing..

This may or may not be your case, but most companys do not do their own billing. Its usually some collage chick going to school for medical billing doing an internship.

Thats how my ER bill turned out to be handled, I was covered but the reversed to numbers and it didnt get paid for over a year.. even I missed it at first

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Well, I have been fighting with CBCS over 7 medical bills.

Then the other day I pulled my credit and all of them were gone. I don't know what's going on.

I ran and applied for a few of the credit cards I was wanting and got approved. I'm pretty sure CBCS isn't done with me yet.

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