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Can I say hi...?

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Hi all.:)++ I joined a few minutes ago and thought I should introduce myself.::Chasey:: Since I read so much about the search feature while cruising the site (prior to joining) I decided to find the "New member intro"xbeer2) thread. Ta da...there wasn't one:waah:...or at least I didn't find it.xhitwallx I might need help fine tuning my search skills.:dunno:

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi, break the ice, and thank all of you for the tons of information I'll surely benefit from on this site.:IThankYou: I look forward to getting to know all of you better. :twothumbsup:

See ya on the boards!


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That's when things get good again....in April.

Tell her that's the year the doggie pooped on the carpet and he has since only pooped in the correct palces like the kitchen floor and other tiled places.

I'm sorry for the jack of the jack of the thread. Bad Mod, bad, bad Mod


See, told you it was a ruff place over here.

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You found the smiles though.

Welcome, and we warn you a lot of goofing off over here in OT, so try to avoid us until you have a handle on your credit issues or it will never get done.

You remember "Welcome Back Kotter" We're them...updated.

Welcome to our madhouse

:) Thanks for the welcome! Yeah, I've noticed the goofing off...that's what made me join. :wink: As for the credit issues, I've been reading and researching for 3 days now. I have my questions ready for posting just as soon as my DH and the kids head off tomorrow. I'm sure you know how distracting they can be :roll: but, ya gotta love 'em! :D

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