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Does EX have an online dispute form?


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like EQ and TU have an online dispute form that u fill in.. we all know EQ's and i found TU's. im wondering if EX has one too??

anyone know????

Just my opinion from experience, but you may not want to dispute online. I used to dispute online 100% of the time at the beginning of my credit repair, but now I ONLY DISPUTE with written disputes.

Although I had success with online disputing, but I wish I had of used written correspondence. Here's a GREAT link explaining why written disputes are a "better" choice.


It has alot to do with getting deletions faster using legal enforcement of the FCRA. I have used the courts to get deletions. Plus, making them pay-up for their blunders. Online disputing "hinders" some of the aspects you can use to enforce your rights.

Hope this helps....

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