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Dispute CRAs Again or Start the GW Process?


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Hopefully I won't get hissed off the block for publically admitting this, and I hope that this isn't something that's been discussed before (I searched and couldnt find anything), but I actually worked with a credit repair agency for a few months, and from reading things here and putting all of the pieces together, I think they actually did some good for me.

Now that I feel a little more organized and informed, my question is this -

Should I bother redisputing things through the big 3, or should I just go ahead and start the process of GW letters to OC's? The credit repair people spent a little over an hour interviewing me about each debt, so it stands to reason that they used logical reasons for dispute, and now that I know how to read my CR better, I see that they disputed the same items that I would be disputing, and they came back as verified. So, I'm starting to feel like they've wittled down the list for me enough that it might be a better use of my time might be to just start calling OC's to see if they will pull the accounts back from collections and see if I can negotiate settlements.

Most of the heavy-hitters on my CR are outstanding medical debt (trips to the ER are *expensive*) and an old charge-off from a utility company that I still don't think is mine but it's keeping me down by ~100 pts so I'm thinking about just paying it anyway if they'll take it off. It's not a huge sum of money and would pay for itself tenfold on the difference that the 100 pts in my FICO would make on interest payments over the life of any loan.

So, what are some opinions? Here are the basic options that I see for myself -

A. Go ahead and redispute since the worst thing that happens is that nothing changes. Wait the 30 days and see what they say. Talk to the OCs of debts that are verified.

B. Send in your disputes to the CRAs (see A) but dont wait for their responses. Go ahead and start your campaign with the OCs.

C. Ignore the CRAs for now and go to the OCs to see if you can get the debts pulled back out of collections. Try and negotiate a settlement that involves full removal of collections and then dispute the CRAs if they remain post-settlement.

D. Ignore everything and have faith that it will go away. (j/k!)

E. On the utility, keep fighting the fight!

F. If it is affordable to pay, and they'll agree to take the TL off your CR, go for it.

G. (Insert other brilliant idea here that I failed to see as an option due to my n00b status.) :)

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