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Simple question regarding SOL


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- Creditor Name: CBE GROUP CBE GROUP

- Account No.:


- Responsibility: Individual Individual

- Condition: Derogatory Derogatory

- Original Balance: $493 $493

- Balance: $493 $493

- Date Opened: 02/01/2002 02/2002

- Date Reported: 07/01/2003 06/30/2003

I currently live in Michigan where the SOL is 6 years across the board. I am I correct in assuming that in Feb 2008, they will no longer be able to sue for this debt?

I would also like to pay this, I NEED it off of my report. I would wait until after Feb to do so.Would the fact that the SOL is up give me any negotiating power for a PFD? Thanks

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i believe the SOL for time barred debts starts with date of first major delinquency

your showing date opened & date reported if you find out the DOFMD or DOLP you might get a more accurate date. i think from what you've posted the debt just might be time barred already. usually the date rpt'd is after the DOFMD. please do a search on SOL in the threads for a better understanding. :-)

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