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Need help - Dont know where to start ?


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Hello everyone,

I'm lost as to where to start on this 1st issue, and being new to this I would appreciate any help in getting started on the correct path. I have pasted a copy of the isuue at hand below to help ? The car was a Voluntary reposession in the spring of 2002 ,and I have had no contact with them since of any kind. The car was purchased in FL. and Repossesed in Las Vegas. I would like for this issue to be removed, but not sure where I stand ? The Balance dates and Account Status items seem to just change whenever they feel the need ? Any help would be greatley appreciated

Thank You





Account Number 62062155

Ownership Individual

Date Open 05-2001

Balance Date 07-2006

Balance Amount $7280

Monthly Payment $362

High/Limit $14696

Account Status Charged off as bad debt

Prior Delinquency

Past Due Amount $0

TransUnion [Comment: Purchased by another lender]

Equifax Experian

Reported Reported


Account Number 62062155 62062155

Ownership Individual Individual

Date Open 05-2001 05-2001

Balance Date 08-2007 08-2006

Balance Amount $0

Monthly Payment

High/Limit $14696

Account Status At least 120 days or Account delinquent 180

more than four payments days past due date

past due

Prior Delinquency 08-2006 08-2006

Past Due Amount


Experian [Comment: Transferred to another lender]

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Something simple and in your own words that says

Dear CRA,

I am disputing the accounts below because they are inaccurate.

Then list the account name and account number

Cap 1 Acc #4444444xxxx (it's okay if it's x'ed out.)

Then put your name and SS# on the letter. Send the letter CMRRR at the post office. Wait the 30-45 days for them to investigate and they will send you a letter saying what they did. Hopefully, they will not vertify with the CRA and that tradeline will get deleted.

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