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Employers grab accident victims' cash

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When I first started reading this, I was thinking this was one of another one Walmart's evil schemes to screw their employees. Then it started hitting home that made me think "wait a minute...does this affect me too"? Or perhaps you?

I e-mailed my union president to see if we had this clause in our contract for medical insurance. She usually sends us (members) articles like this so I should hear back from her. I would suggest you all do the same inquiries with your HR/medical plan after reading this.


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most medical policies have a clause allows them to recoup expenses if litigation is involved. Even medicaid will recoup. The article doesn't give a real breakdown of her award, but she should have gotten something. It is possible atty could have negotiated medical expenses prior to settlement i.e. asking docs and other medical creditors to take less than amount owed thus she would have had something. Overall, a sad situation.

The atty says in the article that the victim didn't receive any funds directly, but the point is the insurer was entitled to reimbursement. More negotiation should have been done in the beginning before settlement.

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