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Just moved - how do I prove residence?

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After 14 months in Missouri, I have just moved back to Kansas which has a shorter SOL.

What will I need to provide to a local law firm that is threatening legal action to prove that I live in Kansas again and that the debt is well beyond SOL?

What will a judge ask to see as proof of residence? I have credit card bills, mail forwarding confirmations from USPS, bill from the University of Kansas, and my bill for my car payment - all show my current Kansas residence. Will I need to get a Kansas driver's license as well?


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Will a cable bill suffice or need it be an electricity or gas bill?

A cable bill should be ok. The proof you need will be a bill from a local utility that shows your name and current address.

If you want to go above and beyond, try getting a driver's license in your area quickly. Photo copy it and send it along as well. I would black out the ID number and Signature line though. :D

Any other opinions on this?


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