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Which one of these is hurting me the most?


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I'm working on repairing my credit report. I've already gotten 2 deletions and removed a few inquires, but I have so many baddies left I don't know which one I should focus on first. I've already disputed most of these and they've come back verified. Can someone tell me which ones I should go after first to get my score up?

1. HSBC--Direct Merchant charge off settlement 1492.00

2. Capital One --paid charge off 2041.00

3. Washington Mutual 7427.00 unpaid charge off

4. Palisades 1721.00 - charge off--settles (from above HSBC act)

5. United Collection Bureau (medical unpaid collection) 507.00

6. united COllection Bureau (medical unpaid collection) 102.00

7. Credit Bureau service of Mich medical unpaid 1136.00

8. " " " " 328.00

9. same as above medical paid 58.00

10. same as above medical paid 105.00

11. same as above medical paid 218.00

12. same as above medical paid 106.00

13. HSBC --charge off 12762.00 --This has since been transferred to leading edge recovery solutions who used scare tactics and got access to my bank account for $4000.00 before I knew how to handle these people. Haven't heard from them since closing the account.

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