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Heres my situation? Can this work for me.


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Ok i have like 10 to 8 negative TLs on my CR. I hit a rough spot in life young at 22. Im now 26. NOW. I basically at that point in my life was trying to build my credit and was doing good till the rough spot. Couldnt pay my bills so totally ignored all of it. Now my credit is all jacked up. I have been able to open new lines of credit (2 to be exact) but only bc of my job in military. Im wiser now and trying to undo my mistakes if possible. So can credit repair work for me.

All accounts from 4 years ago have been charged off naturally, and all CA have stoped calling for years now. I thought so, that this would work, at first but ive been reading alot and it sounds like people are dealing with up to date issues with CA and OC than 4 year old stuff. Or is that just me. Ive started right now with just dealing with correcting personal info.

Is DV only an option within first 30 days of being notified by CA. Sorry i was all into doing this but kind of second guessing if this will work for me now that ive been reading and posting a little.

Basically what can i do.

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