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Serious Badyear Thread, Really, No I Mean It


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Not sure if anyone is interested, but I created this Excel chart graph to follow my scores with. I'm offering it to anyone on this board who would like to use it themselves. Free.



Question- "But it only has three entry rows?

Answer- Yes, that's all I have right now, but it's setup to take as many entry rows as you like, without limitation, to the limits of depth on the Excel sheet.

It will automatically draw the graph, and enter the information for each entry in the columns.


Question- But I pull daily, can I add that many?

Answer- Yes, to the limits of the sheet, like above. The graph can be dragged and expanded (via the corners) to any size you like. It is below the entry columns just for ease of showing it, but can be dragged wherever you want it.


Question- But I don't know anything about Excel?

Answer- You don't need to know anything. Just have to be able to enter the scores and date in columns, the rest happens for you.


Question- But I use more than just the big three CRA's?

Answer- No problem, you can add to the right of the big three, and it will automatically add that selection to the chart.


Question- But the scores only start at 500 and my scores are lower than that?

Answer- Than what are you doing in OT!!! Get back to work. :) Seriously, no problem, you can easily select whatever range you wish.


Seriously, very easy, and for those with a little Excel expeience I can explain ways you can change the way it looks.

Just want to gauge interest and solicit ideas to share this and other "devices" in an attempt to help others in this board.

Some of you know me from OT, and I'm no expert in the serious threads, but find them extremely intersting and jump in when I can. This is something I can contribute to the cause, since many here are far more qualified than I to answer some of it.

The problem is that I do not want to be PMed to death, nor do I want your e-mail addresses as you don't want mine. Although I have a FTP server at work, I can't use for this purpose. If someone has access to one and would like to host this for folks to use, great, let me know.

I have another far more complex calculator that I created for anyone planning to buy a house. It's all fail-safe (formulas are locked to prevent overwrite, but formulas are not hidden) and you simply plug in the numbers

and the rest, including annuities, PITI, and more will calculate for you. There's a debt and expense worksheet where you can enter your specific information and it will tabulate and enter into the calculator. This will help see what your payments will be, and what exactly you have left (and %) of your income. Works well.

Also, I'm thinking through something where you can track all your reports, TR's etc.. and graphically show progress, and timelines. If you have ever thought, "wish I had a way to track..................? Let me know. If it can be done in Excel, I can figure out how to do it. Just a hobby of mine and love the challenge.

Last, I will not answer every question individually, but will enter (via edit) into the original posting here. If you can host on an FTP or have cool calculator ideas, but not sure how to do it, let me know and I'll see what I can do.


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You might want to maybe port the spreadsheet over to Google Documents (http://docs.google.com) so you could share it that way. I'm not sure if it supports graphs though.


I looked at the Google site and it's a way to post and actively share your info, but not an FTP server, as such. Thanks though, good idea. I'll look at it more and see if there's a way to do this, or not.

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