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Has anyone dealt with DODEKA?

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I am new to this forum and am happy to find others in my situation ... not happy that you are being sued, but happy that we are all trying to find answers to the unpleasant business of a lawsuit.

I am in Texas. Is anyone, or has anyone, been sued by a company by DODEKA? It is my understanding that old debts owned by Unifund were bought by DODEKA.

I just attended my first Motion to Compel Discovery/Summary Judgment hearing on Jan. 3. The Judge did not allow the Plaintiff's counsel to allow Affidavits regarding the alleged debt, nor did he allow a referenced point of law. The Judge did not make a ruling for Summary Judgment but did allow the Plaintiff 30 more days to serve Discovery.

I am not sure what I should do at this point. The next hearing is scheduled for Feb. 14th (gee, thanks ... Happy Valentines Day!) Can I do anything else other than wait until Feb. 14th?

I would appreciate any advice. Thanks from Mwhizz in Texas.

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Yes, they can as they are a "junk debt buyer".

I am on my second round of defense. I attended my first court hearing on 1/3/07. Basically the judge did not allow the affadavits that the attorny submitted as evidence. The judge gave the Plaintiff 30 additional days to come up with additional evidence. The Plaintiff's attorney tried to submit some account statements with my name and address as evidence as well but the judge said he did not feel comfortable ruling on this evidence either.

My next round is scheduled for 2/14/08. I have yet to be served with Discovery from the Plaintiff.

Have you answered your summons yet?

I have contacted Bud Hibbs. He says that the affadavits submitted by Dodeka are not credible. If you feel comfortable giving me your email address, I can send you what he has sent to me.

Let me know if you have any questions. I am almost an expert on this matter!

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Hello. I'm new to this forum. I am from TX and I have been sued by Dodeka LLC for my Bank of America account. I just had my pre-hearing this morning. Guess what? The plaintiff did not show up due to "technical difficulties". :lol: what a joke. The judge agreed to dismiss the case. I am really happy with the result :D Dodeka can always re-file but I really doubt they're going to. They don't have any evidence to prove the case.

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