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I had NCOINOMED (Inovision Marlin as it looks on my EQ proper report that I was able to pull up for free online thanks to denial) pop up on me. I decided to try the 1-2 punch. I disputed the account with EQ, and DVed NCO (I believe they are not the OC) modifying one of the dispute and DV letters that I got with my "Good Credit is Sexy" book. Both letters were CMRRRed so I should be able to get a response from USPS in a few days. (I'm not expecting a signature from EQ though, since it's a PO Box, but Inovision was a physical location).

Should this account come back verified yet I hear nothing from NCOINOMED/Inovision, what should be my next step? From reading the various threads, doing MOV on EQ would be useless. Very sad too cause I really wanted to follow that flow chart on the main board. Do I then redispute? I am really at a loss at what I do after 30 days of both of them receiving this. As always any and all help is most appreciated. Here is the info on this baddy below courtesy of TC:

More about NCOINOMED Close window




[Equifax] Collection account

TransUnion Experian Equifax

Past Due: $1496

High Balance: $1496



Payment: $0


Reported: 12/2007

Responsibility: Individual

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