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Charge-off Chrysler Financial


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Hi !

On all 3 CR's, Chrysler Financial is listing our account as"paid in settlement, $1834 written off. Charge off as of Feb 2007.

I have what I feel is solid documented evidence that this is erroneous information. Before I show you that, I'll tell you that prior to finding this site and being stupid, we paid a CA without documentation or written request to PFD once paid. The CA said, if you pay this $---- amt, you will be all done, if you pay by this _____ date. Unbeknownst to us, this was a "settled debt" .

This is the letter that was sent to us upon payment:


Dear ___________,

As per your request, we wish to advise you that your account with the above referenced client has been satisfied in full as of 2/15/07.xdancex

On behalf of Chrysler Financial and SRA Associates, thank you for satisfying your account as agreed.":o

Ok, so aren't the words "satisfied in full" enough to remove any negative from my CRs?? After disputing with the CRA's they all came back as "verified- being reported correctly.":shock:

Should I now send a new round with the above-mentioned letter enclosed? Any suggestions? I really want to get this removed. :)++

There is what I see as a duplicate listing right below Chrysler on my CR from CFC Deficiency recovery, stating that we owe $413.00. I just wrote a DV letter to them and will be sending that off, as well.

I would appreciate any help. Thanks!:lol:

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