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AFNI Response .. How to proceed


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We have received your dispute, but are unable to confirm at this time, we will continue our investigation within 30 days of receipt of the following information;

The specific Information you dispute

An explanation of the basis of your dispute

All supporting documentation to substantiate you claim, including copy of you drivers license, id page of your passport, proof of residency at time of service.. repceits etc..

A valid phone number...

Am I required to provide them information as requested

NOW.. this letter was sent to my faters home AGIAN... Eventhough I have never lived at that address.

My address was provided in the letter I sent to them an in that letter I told them this was not my account. The letter sent was requesting valadtion, after they verified to CB

Should I send A second letter telling them they are in violation of FCRA and faliure to verify or remove the items from all 3 CB consttitutes a violation subject to a 1000.00 fine for each

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I'm not sure of the proper steps but I would send them another letter...and I would make it very clear what your next steps will be if they DON"T remove the tradeline within a certain periord (maybe 5 days) If they still don't delete...I would file complains with the BBB and AG and whoever else.

Then I would get all those and send another letter to AFNI with attachments showing where you filed complaints

Send your letter to whatever address is on the letter they sent you.

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Question: Did you dipute with the CRAs as well? And did they verify?

If they did, see my threads on AFNI. My DH received the same letter after DVing them and disputing with the CRAs.

The letter we sent back to them after receiving their 'non-verification' is in there. Send something like that back to them, only if you disputed with the CRAs and they Verified with them.





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Stuff like this just makes me so. :evil: Copy of your passport? What are they freaking kidding!!

If they are unable to confirm then they need to delete what they are reporting-DUH! :roll: That letter they sent you is going to be the rope that hangs them. Dispute with the CRA's if they verify they violate BIG time and you have proof. From this point forward every correspondence you have with AF**KNI should be CMRRR so you can start building a folder to prove how they just love to violate.

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I to got that same letter after dv'ing them. I sent another letter stating that their letter wasn't sufficient for validation and that they were requesting information that they should already have on record. I then demanded that they either validate or delete the tl on my reports within 15 days of my letter or I would seek legal counsel and file suit. They did verify with the cra after I had dv'd them not only did they verify the info already on the report but they also added another tl on equifax for the same account only thing different is that they put the orginal creditor's name with the account number for example (cellphonecompany1234567687). I am waiting to see if they delete if they don't I'm gonna dispute again with the cra.

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NO.. I was not aware of this debt until I began checking my Credit reports. I disputed and came back as verified. so I then sent a Dv to CA . and that was the response I got

Then I would suggest continued adherance to the DV flowchart. If they validate with cr*p, dispute with the CRA, include a copy of your CMRRR paperwork, a copy of their cr*p response, and tell the CRA, "As this collection agency failed to comply with FDCPA, this account must be deleted from my credit file."

Rinse and repeat with a follow up DV letter 30 days after the first DV letter is received. Then a follow up dispute with the CRA based on your DV follow up.

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404 Brock Dr

PO Box 3427

Bloomington Il 61702-3427

Certified Mail: 123456789696585

Acct #

Afni #

To whom this may concern:

In response to your letter dated 01-01-2008 in ref to the above account numbers; That “We Have received your dispute but we are unable to confirm at this time” I am writing to inform you that you are in violation of FCRA 809. How is it that you are unable to confirm my information per my rights, but you DID verify with Experian on 8-6-2007, transunion on 08-07-2007 and Equifax on 08-07-2007.

After a second dispute you again verified with Equifax and Experian on 11-13-2007.

You now have 10 days to complete my request for my dispute, either Validate my information as requested in my prior letter or delete all Information from all 3 Credit reporting agencies

Respectfully submitted

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