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Writ of execution

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I received a "Writ of Execution" today in the mail. I did a search here and found a little bit of info on this, but I have a few questions regarding my situation.

This of course followed after the judgement, but on the back of the notice it says something about seizing my property. I do own a house which does not have much equity and I also have a homestead protection on the property.

I'm really not sure what to do at this point. I can't afford to pay it. I can barely afford to pay my mortgage. I thought they could not seize property that has homestead protection.

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Writ of execution is serious business.

Did you ignore the original summons and allow a default judgment?

Did you ignore the judge's judgment decision and order?

Did you ignore the court hearing summons pushing for the writ?

If you said "yes to all", you better see a lawyer today!

I'm not sure if Homestead property is exempt. In, WI sheriff can seize and auction the asset to recover the judgment on a proper writ.

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