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Pay lump sum or nurse it?


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I fell behind 90 days on a CCard that I am carrying $9000.00 @ 29% interest. I am in the position to pay it off with a lump sum but I want to get the CR to end up reporting this account without any negatives to the CR. Would I be better off paying the last 90 days back to current and staying current for a few months then paying it off or will the CCard be willing to report me in a positive way if I pay it all of now in a lump sum? And by the way I fell 60 to 90 behind on a couple of other accounts and they said that after I stayed current for a couple of months I could write a letter to the Creport companies and any negatives would be removed because I would be reported as current? Do they really remove the fact that I fell 90 days behind if stay current for a few months? I am doubtful that it is that easy. Anyway your advice is always appreciated.

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