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RECIEVABLES PERFORMANCE (anyone heard of them?)


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I just pulled all 3 of my credit reports today for the first time since may 2007

i am looking at my Transunion credit report and notice under the Adverse Accounts section that a collections agency called RECIEVABLES PERFORMANCE is saying I owe $570

the original creditor says "01 ffpm carmel holdings I LLC

I have never heard of the OC or the CA

what should I do? do I DV or dispute in some other way?

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Receivables Performance

PO Box 768

Bothell, WA 98041


They are a CA for Carmel(JDB) & appear to primarily deal with Telecom. Maybe an old cell phone acct? Dispute with the CRA's and they will likely drop. Mine did. They had nothing to back their claim up. If they do verify then do a 1-2 punch on them.

I've had only one cell phone acct. my entire life and still with them, T-Mobile. Thanks for the help, I will implement your suggestions.

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