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I DV Asset Acceptance on november 19th, 2007. they responded with their own generated letter specifying the principal, interest, and balanced owed, however no proof that the debt is actually mine. since then they have continued to update with the CRA and i have received 2 letters. Today i am fixing to send this letter ... please let me know what u think?

The account referred above was disputed in it's entirety on November 19, 2007. You were instructed to provide me with all documentation that validates any claim you were collecting a debt from me.

This validation had to include: Copies of any contract that contained my signature, a copy of all statements with a list of all charges, an explanation of late charges and fees, a complete breakdown of all interest rates assessed, late or, over limit fees.

The name and address of the original creditor, subsequent owner / holder or services of this account.

Important: On December 12, 2007 I received a letter with an incomplete validation, although the principle, interest and final balances are listed there is no proof that this debt is mine.

FURTHERMORE: I demanded that you ceased all collection activity until such time as you have complied FULLY with all provisions of this dispute directed by state and federal law.

Under no circumstances I was to receive collection calls or letters, since you didn’t follow instructions. You are in violation of the FDCPA section 809, since you continue to update with the CRA and writing me letters.

Notice: You have an additional 7 days to provide all information. If you don’t have this information I expect all trade lines to be deleted from all credit reporting agencies

Legal Notice: This is an attempt to obtain compliance of debt, failure to do so will result in further remedies permitted by law.

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If you actually read through the FDCPA, you'll see that half of the information which you requested isn't information that the CA is obligated to send to you. If your DV was untimely, you're pretty lucky that you even got a response in the first place...And, if your DV was untimely, the FDCPA is no longer applicable to your situation - therefore, they don't have to stop writing you and/or calling you.

And if your DV was, in fact, timely...The FDCPA prohibits the CA from contacting you regarding the debt until they respond to your request. Which means that once they've sent out that information, they're free to write and/or call. So basically, I see no violation as of yet.

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