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Currently reading "The Guns of the South"

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Friend of mine lent me his copy. I'm about halfway through it. Phenomenal read! Very powerful, moving speeches by Lincoln, Lee, and others.

Genre of both alternative historical chain of events and science fiction, but thus far it hasn't been too heavy on the science fiction.

Premise is a group of time travelers go back in time from 2014 to 1864, January, and equip the Confederates with AK-47 rifles, ammunition, and training in how to use the advanced "repeaters". Obviously this changes the course of the Civil War, and the history that follows.

Language of the era is fairly accurate, which means it can be extremely coarse with vile derogative terms ascribed to black people. Just a fair warning in case the language in "Tom Sawyer" upset you.

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If you like Guns of the South, or alternative history in general. You'll love Harry Turtledove's other novels.

The next one you should read is "How Few Remain". It's the beginning of a complete history of the US and Confederates after the Civil War. After "How Few Remain" it continues into series. The next takes place during WWI and goes "American Front", "Walk In Hell", and "Breakthrough". The Series continues to the 'in-between the wars' years and includes "Blood and Iron", "The Center Cannot Hold", and "The Victorious Opposition". The last (currently) takes place during WWII and has four books "Return Engagement", "Drive To The East", "The Grapple" and "In At The Death".

My Dh got me hooked on these books. I love how they continue through the series. The same characters and such.

Great reads, and if you love GoTS, you'll definitely enjoy these books by Turtledove.

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Just finished GoTS last night. OMG.

I laughed, I cried, and I was truly amazed at how it seemed Turtledove captured the essence of the era. Many speeches by Lincoln, Lee and others were truly moving.

When Mary Lee is killed by the assassins intent on killing the C.S.A. President-Elect, I teared up.

I laughed out loud at the analogy used to describe the likelihood of Molly Bean rejoining the N.C. 47th and resuming her ways. "You don't put a drunk in charge of guarding a whiskey barrel."

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That is a great read!!!!!

Would also suggest any books by: David Drake, David Weber(except Honor series) and John Ringo.

This is a wonderful site for trying differant authors:


I would suggest this book/series:

March to the Sea

by David Weber and John Ringo

Baen Books

A veteran of the 82nd Airborne, Ringo brings first-hand knowledge of military operations to his fiction. He had visited 23 countries and attended 14 schools by the time he graduated high school.

It is a little differant but very entertaining.

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Help me out here, if anyone remembers this book; I read it in the early '90's. It was somewhat alternative history, it was a story told from the perspective of the same man in 4 different alternate histories, but it was a major event that affected them all. If I remember right, they all kept switching places with each other. I can't remember the title or the author now, but on the cover it showed 4 pictures of the man, each looking slightly different. I've tried to look it up on Amazon, but no luck yet.

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