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LTD called with recorded message, why?


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I received LTD Financial's initial collection letter only a few days ago. I have not DV them back yet. Today they called me twice. The caller id is 866-324-5257, it is LTD from web search. The first call just drop after one ring. The second call two hours later was only a recorded message asking me to call them back on some number I didn't write down. I am not going to talk to them on the phone in any case. I just want to ask around here, what are they doing calling with recorded message?

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Collectors are more frequently using autodialer systems to initiate their calls. The dialers are sophisticated enough to be able to tell if they got an answering machine or a real person through audio analysis. If a person answers, it gets routed to the next available collection agent so they can pounce on you.

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what are they doing calling with recorded message?
trying to get you to pay a debt ?!?!?!

I keep saying this...

but here it goes once again:

if someone owed you money,

wouldn't you make a few phone calls to get them to pay?

or if

they ignored your letters/calls and you had to hire a CA,

wouldn't you want the CA to call

the person that owes you so they pay up?

of course you would dam%it...

that F%$#&$R owes you money.

I am always amazed at how surprised people are that

they get a phone call when they are in collections...

you owe money!! -- what did you expect to happen?!?!


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if you go to the actual FTC link

about the fine.. http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2007/11/debtcol.shtm

you will find that there isn't even a mention about recorded messages or matching phone numbers.

they were fined only for normal FDCPA violations:


LTD collectors, who collect in English and Spanish, allegedly called consumers at their place of work despite knowing it was inconvenient for them to receive calls there, and disclosed the existence of debts to family members, employers, co-workers, and neighbors. They also allegedly harassed consumers and used abusive tactics such as immediately calling back after consumers hung up on them, and sometimes used racial slurs and profanity. According to the complaint, in some instances, front-line supervisors and mid-level managers either participated or were aware of such practices under their supervision but failed to impose sufficient discipline.

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having a different number show on CID than the one they

tell you on a recorded message is not deceptive.


they are supposed to provide an 800 #.

Instead of trying to invent "UFO theory" violations, better to get them

on solid violations that have no room for interpretation in court.


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