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Hi Everyone,

I just recently started reading through the site. A year ago I lost my job and my credit went from bad to worse. Prior to that year i had somewhat below average credit. I had several collections, but most were medical. Then last year rolled around and after being laid off from my job, got nailed with 3 charge offs. This year I got a new job and I have decided to work on my credit.

According to TrueCredit:

As of right now i have 115 inquiries

16 collections

3 closed accounts in good standing

2 open accounts (student loans) in good standing

In addition I just got an auto loan (24.5% OUCH!), a $500 secured card and a god forsaken $250 fee ridden unsecured card, none of which have posted to my credit report yet. (All of these I applied for within the past 6 weeks) I also got my g/f to add me as an AU, even though FICO 08 kills AUs.

I have immediately sent debt validation letters to 2 different places and disputed several items on all my credit reports.

I will let you know how it goes.

FICO - 1/08/2008 - TU: 527 EX: 476 EQ: 574

FACO -1/08/2008 - TU: 545 EX: 500 EQ: 542

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Is it a new model car? If so, I would suggest checking into refinancing it with HSBC Auto asap. Fill out the online app and you'll find out if you're pre-approved (soft inquiry). They should be able to give you a rate at least 9% lower than what you currently have.

24.5% for a car loan should be illegal. In the end, it's like getting one car for the price of two.

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