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Mozilla Firefox Users?

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Today I had the unfortunate experience of having to reinstall Windows.

I have ALL of my old files and folders, and everything is working fine except Favorites and password manager from my old Firefox.

I have a Firefox folder in my "windows.old" folder -- does anyone know if there's a way to retrieve those old favorites and other info? It might be there, but I need help knowing where to look.

Thanks, as always!

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I don't use that, and my advice is not without risk. This technique can be used whenever a reinstallation of a program doesn't inherit its old properties.

It is 99.9% most likely that the old folder in the windows.old contains all the same and all the necessary files as a new duplicate folder contained elsewhere on your pc. Find the matching new folder, rename it - like from firefox to firefox1. Then put the old folder from windows.old in its place.

Again it should have all the same operational files, except a few of the files will be larger than the new installed files of the same name. The older ones may contain what you're looking for.

If it doesn't work, just delete the one you moved and rename firefox1 back to firefox and everything should be back where you started.

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