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First Premier finally crumbling


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I had a First Premier VISA several Years ago, that I paid off after it had been Charged off and gone into collection. I paid it off long before I knew anything about credit repair, so it had been listed on TU as Closed/Paid Collection/Charge Off, and on EQ as Derogatory Collection/Charge Off.

I have been disputing the listings over and over again with all three, even wrote a goodwill letter or two to no avail. The biggest pain was that on EQ it was showing 24 lates over 90 days. Today I log on, and TU and EQ are showing listed as Closed/Paid and CURRENT! On EQ even all the lates are gone.

On the First Premier Mastercard that I had at the same time, it is still reporting the way it has been, but the 23 90+ days late payments are gone. I still have to work them down on that one. If I keep bugging the sh*t out of them maybe they will get tired of my constant disputes and get them both to show closed paid and current on all three reports. I've been disputing these non stop since June.

Add this to the $400 CLI I got on my Hooters, its been a good day.

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