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Does JC Penney got a CC not a store card?

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Started at $500, no love for a full year, then $150 increase to $650, then eligible every 3 months. I recently got my second CLI to a total of $800 now.

This was my first card getting back into credit, pre-approval in the mail... my credit was terrible at the time, yet people have a hard time getting it it seems.

They don't have a VISA or MC if that's what you're asking.

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JCPenney is my oldest account; 30 years! And after 30 years I only had a $300 limit!

I never use it, but my DW does a lot of catalog shopping with it, so last month she called me and said she was making an online payment for some things she had ordered for Christmas. I commented that I couldn't understand why the CL was so low. She said there was a link on the account page to request a CLI... "Do it", I said. Should be AUTOMATIC, right? I mean, 30 years of good history with them... NO! "We cannot give you an increase at this time."

I was pi553d! That's cool tho - I like Macy's stuff better anyway and they just recently gave me a NEW $850 CL after they wrote off an old debt!

So I pulled TC last week and GEMB/JCP had reported to all three in DEC and they had doubled my CL to $600... Go figure, huh?

I guess "Not at this time" sometimes means "Not right this frickin' minute!":rolleyes:

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