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Bad Settlement offer -File Answer?

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did you ever file a police report for identity theft?

a copy of the police report, along with your request for proof that the charges were legit would shift the burden of proof on them.

look at your credit report. you may have a few counterclaims if they continued collection activity after your DV letter, failed to investigate your dispute, etc.

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He said there was no way he could get me this in time and I should just take the settlement.

Now that just sounds lazy!

Oh by the way he told me that even if I file an answer that they automatically win. I said "doesn't this depend on what my answer says?" his reply was "no not really, the attorneys will be pissed off that they even had to come to court, they will not negotiate and they will end up with a much bigger settlement, plus you will have a judgment on your credit report which is way worse than settling, and by the way this is accruing interest daily so the amount will be different by the time it reaches court"

I keep thinking it would be fun to compile a list of all the lies and threats/scare tactics that collectors tell. All these statements would make the list.

Listen to RecoveringAttorney: Protect yourself, and file an answer, demand documentation, fight back!


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