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Thanks, CIC Friends


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I just want to join in with all the other grateful folks who post their thanks here in the forums. I joined this forum in July after years of burying my head in the sand, not wanting to even know how badly my credit had suffered from some misfortune and bad choices 5-7 years ago. I truly thought there would never be hope for rebuilding credit and didn't even know what "repair" was other than than the rip-off services which I knew didn't work anyway.

Here I am, just six months later, sitting on FAKO increases of almost 100 points with all CRAs (SCORES IN LOW TO MID 600s)-- deletions almost too numerous to count, and light at the end of the tunnel on my remaining derogatories (student loan defaults that were rehabbed and will be GONE by the end of 08). I have new credit...not the kind I'd like...but I know it's a stepping stone. I was able to refi my car. I am armed with the best knowledge thanks to you guys and the information exchanged here. I can't wait to pull my FICOs in a month. My utilization is still a little high this month, but I am using the money from extra teaching assignment this month to PIF everything and will pull FICOs after the zero balances are reported. Plus, two new TLs should be reporting.

Thanks again. To all the newcomers out there...IF I CAN DO IT, ANYONE CAN. KEEP THE FAITH!! :-):!:

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