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Anyone following the Pregnant Marine Story??

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Sad, and with a lot of twists. I have been following it for the last week. What are you hearing Tar???

She is 8+ months pregnant, missing since Dec 14???, no one seems to want to do anything about it. The Corps is not cooperating. The NIS and JAG are as incompetent in real life as they are fake on TV (As most people with military experience will tell you). What a sad, sad cluster fxxk. All week they have been trying to get info, trying to locate her or witnesses. I followed most of it and the Sheriff's department seemed to do their best despite the lack of Corps cooperation. Unfortunately this is the latest news. And the Corps says they do not know where the leading suspect is???? WTF??? True, she seems like a bit if a nut herself and made it hard on the military investigation of her rape charges, but still, I hope the Commander of the base and anyone associated with her military case and everyone in her COC spend some time in Kansas making big rocks into small rocks. Damnit, she was still a Marine and they should be ashamed to let this happen to her.

Updated: 01/11/2008 12:53 PM

By: News 14 Carolina Web Staff & Associated Press

Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach JACKSONVILLE, N.C. - A pregnant Marine missing for nearly a month is dead, and investigators were seeking a fellow Marine she had accused of sexually assaulting her, a sheriff said Friday.

Authorities had not recovered the body of 20-year-old Lance Cpl. Maria Frances Lauterbach, but they believed she was buried in a shallow grave in coastal Onslow County, Sheriff Ed Brown said.

The suspect, 21-year-old Cpl. Cesar Armando Lauren, has declined to meet with investigators and is not in custody, he said.

"They don't know where he is," Brown said of the suspect. "He's gone."

Lauterbach had claimed a superior had sexually assaulted her, and she was worried that the investigation was going nowhere, according to court documents. She vanished last month before she was to testify in a military probe,

The court papers said the anticipated birth of the baby "might provide evidentiary credence to charges she lodged with military authorities that she was sexually assaulted by a senior military person."

Brown said detectives had tried to speak with Lauren, but he refused to do so, on the advise of his attorneys. Authorities said they didn't consider Lauren a flight risk until Friday, because they had information the pair carried on a "friendly relationship" after she reported the assault to military authorities.

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I'm not following that case. I'm following the one about the woman who stayed in her apt for over 15day while her daughters lay dead...rotting..:?

However.. First I thought the marine chic had just went awol. Now they are saying she is dead...even though they haven't found the body..they have evidence..so i'm guessing they have her head or something..:?

I don't think Lauren did it..He's prob scared therefore he ran. Most prob would under the circumstances. Then again the "evidence" was found at his place...:?

Happy Freaky Friday everyone!! :lol:

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I just read the update but hadn't been following it... if it was rape, then why was she still engaged in a "friendly" relationship with the man? We probably aren't getting the whole story, you know.... we actually don't know what the evidence is and what we do know has been filtered and packaged for spin by the media.

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Is the suspect the guy she was rooming with? I saw something about it on the today show this am and I thought they said her roommate was nowhere around.

Today also said she may have been a compulsive liar which the mother confirmed. Mother believes she was bipolar.

All around a sad story. I hope she just went off somewhere.

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No, the roomie is not the suspect, but I believe he had some info.

Yes, it is very strange she is still "friendly" with the guy that the rape charges

are against, and he is the prime suspect. I know they found evidence in his place, but I don't think it was her head. And someone told them where she is buried.

Aside from all these strange things in the context that she was a Marine, and all the rest of them also, it is a sad day for the Marine Corps. The whole situation seems to have been poorly handled by the Corps. Things like that are not supposed to happen.

When momma's little boy or girl signs up, the Corps is supposed to take care of them. They have a responsibility to the kid's family.

And they are supposed to take care of each other. This **** should not happen. A black-eye for the Marines

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According to what that news story said, they did find pieces of charred remains in a fire pit in the guy's back yard. What is so sad about this too is she was pregnant and the guy claims she slit her own throat in front of him. If that was the case, what about the baby? When the body dies, all your muscles relax. I can tell ya, that baby was trying to be born and suffocated to death.

As for that other psycho woman that let her kids rot to death. What the hell is society coming to? We had a story here in Wisconsin too that a woman locked herself and her 2 year old in a room for a week. He died of course. Why the hell do these people breed? I'm not referring to the marine of course.

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I know. :evil:

Sometimes I just can't bear to read or hear some of these stories. I've been in the car and they start reporting on how someone placed their baby in a dryer, oven, chained them, etc. DH immediately turns radio off each and everytime.

Just completely unbelievable and makes my heart ache to hear these stories! :(

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You know, I think one person to blame is her damn stepmother. She went public and said that the marine was bi-polar and was a pathic liar. If she hadn't of burned her at the stake like that, they may have made more of an effort to find her and she may have still been alive with the baby.

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