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Account Sold/Legal Owner Questions


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Any advice and/or input on this would be appreciated! :)


I have an OC listing an old CC account on my CR's. Information being listed between the three CRA's is different on the same account. I've attempted to dispute it with the CRA's on multiple occasions, only to have the account come back as verified. Sent out an investigation request per the FCRA, since I am dealing with the OC here, and received a letter back from the Office of the President. The letter basically tells me that the account was sold to XXXX company back in 2005 and that I need to contact XXXX for further information.

Now, XXXX company is not (nor have they ever) reported to my CR's. Only the OC is.

If the OC is claiming that they have no information regarding this account because XXXX company is the "legal owner", which option should I take:

  1. Get in touch with the OC again, informing them that they've verified this information multiple times with the CRA's despite sending me documentation claiming that they have no records in their possession?
  2. Get in touch with the CRA's and push the MOV topic, considering that I have documentation from the OC stating that they have no records?


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Sorry, but I am confused. Your post says the OC is telling you to contact XXX for information. From what you posted, the OC did not tell you that no records existed.

If I read all that right, they are essentially telling you to go away. Am I missing something?

As to which of the choices you propose, I guess I would lean more toward disputing again with the OC. From what you have said, you have been up and down the road with this before. In that case, I would not expect the results to be different this time.

You probably don't want to hear this -- but, in my opinion you are spinning your wheels. Why don't you just go ahead and sue the OC if they are reporting wrong and you can prove the error?

I am told that some on this site have had success with fixing some of these problems with complaints to the BBB.

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