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Any One Ever Take One Of Those " Speed Reading " Classes ?

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Lastnight my teacher was rambling on about random things and scams. He said that speed reading is one of the oldest scams in the book. Its funny because I was recently thinking about getting on of those speed reading programs off the internet. I was always wondering what is really going on with this because it seemed to good to be true, but I would sure love to read faster !

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THE most essential thing is to untrain yourself to vocalize the words in your head as you read. Don't "say" the words in your mind. Let your mind grab the words as you gaze across them. With practice you read by sentences, not single words, and generally your gaze would be in little top-left to bottom-right diagonals across a couple of lines at a time.

Your mind works WAYYYY faster than the pace you read which is why you can multitask or actually think about other things while you're reading sometimes... you have to limit the distractions.

The only thing is, it's really not how you would most enjoy a good book. Best for articles and things of minimal import, you'll get about 80% of it and surprise yourself.

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That guy who posts "Thanks for the info" could probably give you some tips. He get's around the forums enough it seems.

Think he is gone once he posted his link.

I've been considering doing the Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics....heavy on the considering part, light on the action part. I just wonder if is will work. I want to have an open mind.

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I also took a speed reading class in Jr High.. that was a looooooooong time ago too.. like.. 1968/69 ;) We each had little projectors and it would flash PHRASES of words in front of you (little cube-like spaces). You were then tested. It taught you to read, well, in phrases rather than single words, and the phrases got longer as you progressed. I could read VERY fast. I'm still a fairly fast reader when I need to be and can scan an article or report pretty quickly.

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