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Has Anyone Seen Or Used This Website????


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Dollar to a donut says that they're just a reseller for ChoicePoint's data. A good friend of mine works there as a software developer. Prior to them beefing up information security, he used to occasionally provide me with a copy of the report they keep on me. Pretty crazy stuff, not only did it have my name, ssn, every address I'd ever used, but it had my relatives' ssn, the names, addresses, and phone numbers of my neighbors, information about cars I had owned, etc. I think the report was almost ten pages long.

Anyhow... one the items that they list is all the names associated with the subject's SSN. Mine only listed one other name; some woman who transposed a couple of digits (probably during a credit app) several years ago.

You can get a free copy of you ChoicePoint report just like you can your CR. Dig around on their website for a bit and you'll find it.

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