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TC still does not work for me after a yr, Help !


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Hello all,

I have been a member hear for a few years and have come along way with Credit Repair. I have not posted in a while due to finishing up school but I'm back and I need some help. Around a year ago I had a problem where True Credit was not allowing me to use their 3-1 service anymore after several years of good use. I know several other people had this problem but I could not quit get a true fix for this. I have been surfing this site for about a week now trying to get caught up because I need to fix some things on my EX and TU CR's. Now this problem is with my EQ CR only but the only way I can see my EQ CR is through My.Fico and thats way too expensive as I am going to need a Credit Monitoring service to fix a few baddies. Can anyone get me started on this problem as I could not find the fix for it anywhere if there is one. Thanks for all help ! :)

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