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"Capital One" Summons, Complaint & NYC attorney help needed

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Very recently I received summons to answer Capital One complaint. The complaint alleges that in December 2004, I defaulted on an automobile installment contract.

The original default amount was $9,000 but with interest it’s now up to almost $12,000

My goal is to fight these allegations and settle, if must be, for the least amount and as a “last resort”

Therefore I’m looking for an attorney in NYC who would protect my interests, but being new to this matter I’m not sure where to look and what to look for in such attorney.

Google search for “consumer debt attorney” returns bunch of names of what appear to be bankruptcy lawyers, so my questions are:

1. Can anyone recommend law firm in NYC (lower Manhattan or eastern Queens) that is successful at fighting the above allegations?

2. What type of an attorney should I be searching for and what are some questions I should be asking to separate the good from the not-so good lawyers? Is bankruptcy attorney qualified to help?

3. What sort of fees should I expect- given I want to fight the allegations and not settle at the 1st chance?

4. Any other general advice for fighting claims like these or working with an attorney?- I will answer the summons myself (if I don’t find an attorney in the next week) so they wont get a judgment against me

Thanks for reading and any advice :confused::confused:

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