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Insurance fraud WWUDO


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I just got a letter from my insurace, that they had paid a claim from Quest Diagnostics date of service was 11/21/2007.

Now heres the fraud Part. I havent been to the doctor since Feb 2005. when this orginal letter was dated for servise I got a collection notice that this was not paid, and I fought it. told quest I had insurance and that they should have billed the insurance CO.

They sent me a letter a week later stating that it was settled and I was no longer responsible for this debt.

Would you call the insurance co and inform them of this fraud or just say the heck with it since it was paid.. I dont think the insurance co would pay a debt this old.

Could I sue them (quest) myself for using my name to file a false claim

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you should definetely inform the ins co. that this claim is fraud

so they can keep an eye on the claims being submitted by that

doctor or clinic.

as far as suing..

it's not quest you would sue.

.. it's the clinic, or doctor that is scamming the ins co.

let quest sue them, you are not out anything so

you have no real reason to sue.

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