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OK I feel stupid, can I pay walmart online?

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I hope you found how to do it already, but when you log in to the website, you actually have to go to the cc link. On my screen, it is on the lefthand side towards the end of the page.



hope I wasn't too late:) I started a thread the other day about a payment being held after I made 3-4 payment online within a month

thank you. MO

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That soulds like a solid plan. Every one of my accounts I pay online, I'm going to refinance the car through B of A next month. The finance company that I'm making the car payments to now is a mess. I think it was designed by an elementary school computer class. With it financed through B of A, it will be as easy as paying my B of A VISA Card. Just transfer funds to the account and be done with it.

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