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Just starting this repair thing and need a little help


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Ok first off, hello i am kevin and i have a debt problem.:)++

My CR has alot of old debt that will be coming off next year and then some new stuff that will be there unill 2012-2013. and i have been reading alot of your post here the last few hours and have learned alot, but i do have a few questions tha i am hoping you can help me out with. I got my CR fron TransUnion if it makes a diffeance.

1st. does it help my credit if i cant get somthing removed just changed, like from collection/chargoff to paid after charge off??

2nd. is much like the first. alot of my accounts show "Derogatory" next to condititon. what does that mean and also would it help to get that changed or can i have that changed?

3rd. Should i start desputing the old debts first since they are close to droping off about 7 total. 2 are paid and shows paid,2 are paid but not reported as so, 3 i still owe money on 2 of wich i dont really remember what they were. or should i just wait and let them fall off and start with the newer onse about 4 all i still owe money on.

4th i have taked to people who have simply desputed the debt and got it removed and then some just get it changed and some just get a big FU. is there a trick to get more deleted and less FU's??

I really apreciate all the help and guidance you can give this poor lost soul it already starting to get overwelming and i am just doing the research. :shock::confused:XhairXxhitwallx

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