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I may be an illegal alien...or dead.

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New state ID requirements are the PITS!

I haven't had to produce my driver's license for anything in months, so when I looked at it Friday night, I found that it had expired at the end of the year - 2007. Rats! SO I dutifully went to my local tag agent to have it renewed, only to find out that the state implemented new laws on 11/01/07 that if your license expires even 1 day, you have to prove that you're you. The girl told me I needed to produce my birth certificate & SS card. Minor inconvenience... too late to go to the bank Saturday.

So I take this morning off, wait for the bank to open so I can get my birth cert out of the box, and drive to the tag agent...NOW they tell me that I have to take said materials aaaaaalllll the way down to the department of public safety and "appear before a license examiner" before I can be reinstated. I'm just waiting for him/her to tell me "Sorry - your birth certificate was certified in 1963. You need a new, tamper-resistant certificate," or something to that effect. (And that I prolly can't get a new birth certificate w/o a valid driver's license :lol:)


Stopped at one of their satellite offices in a small town to the west - it's closer to me. Well, they have people lined up all the way out of the door. All the kiddies are getting their first licenses.

So...I came home for lunch. Guess I'll try the main office this afternoon - perhaps things will move faster there as they SHOULD have more employees, but I'm skeptical. I'm bettin' on waiting an hour or two.

GRRR! I'm madder than a wet hen! (It's actually much worse than that. I wanted to say "I'm madder than a wet Tina," but there's something weird about that.) Maybe I'll just get so pissed I'll have a stroke and won't have to worry about it. Then I'll REALLY be expired!

So much for getting anything done today...::thunderously::

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Yup - 2 hrs 10 minutes at the DPS waiting for my number to be called. Like waiting for jury duty - room full of people. I'll prolly get sick. Had to sign a statement, have my pic taken and fingerprints scanned (DON'T get me started on the whole 'print' thing...GRRR!).........THEN, they told me I have to go BACK to my local tag agent to actually GET the new license, where I was photographed and printed AGAIN. I guess they had to verify that they matched the set that I left at the DPS, 'cuz one of the prints didn't verify at first.

Got home at 4:45. An ENTIRE DAY just to renew a license that had expired 14 days earlier. Too bad that they quit sending license renewal reminders in the mail years ago to save money.

Cripes........didn't think it possible that okies had it in 'em to come up w/ such a complex system.

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