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I left US 7 years ago. Now I am in Newzeland. When I was in US I was sick and had to go for operation and the insurance doesn'r covered fully so I used cc to pay. When I was in US the loan is $10,000 and my work visa was over so I had to leave US. When I left I gave my friend's address for mail. Recently Sherriff came to my friend's house and asked for me. My firend told him that I don't live there and he left. My friend e-mailed me about this. I applied for the credit report and when I got it hat 10,000 loan became $28,000 with intrest and late payment fees and that cc company charged me with summons. My only option is to file bankrupcy. How can I declare bankruptcy from NewZeland. I have $2000 with me. If I file for bankruptcy will they take my $2000 also. I don't have house or car. No assets at all. Can you please help me.

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