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Will my dispute letter seem ridiculous to CRA?


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I have quite a few bad debts... quite a few...

If I listed all of the debts that I wanted to list in a dispute letter, there would be 17. (Some of which are the same debt sold more than once...)

So, am I going to look like an idiot to them for disputing so many debts at once? Is that really obvious?


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Imabird...I had a lot of debt when I started to.

I would break them all up in to sections.

Dispute address, name variations, inquires, etc.....first.

Dispute the duplicates as duplicates

Dispute your oldest tradelines, then work on the newer ones.

I did my medical's last.

When you break them up into sections, it makes it easier to keep track of what you have done.

Good luck

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Genius, jetscarbie... THANKS!

Does anyone know of a page on this site that lists reasons to dispute?

Different Ca's seem to use different listings. Don't worry about that so much. Your beig letter will be turning into a reason code that means "account not mine" "was never late" and etc. However, if you do have proof include it.

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