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How would you respond on response for violation?


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Hey guys,

I followed the chart for disputing & dv'ing.

The CA that I did this to had 3 accounts on me. These are the only unpaids that I have.

One was from 2002, one from 2003 and one from 2004 for a total of $268.68.

I didn't worry about the one from 2002 because it's set to fall off soon.

I disputed with the CRAs and with the CA. The CA verified and updated the info and did not list as disputed. I told the CA that I did not know what these accounts were for and were disputing.

Once they verified I sent them a letter explaining that they had violated by not reporting as disputed and I got this letter back:

"These accounts were disputed with the CRAs on 3 different occasions, all times we verified the information reported to us by our client. Since the Credit Bureaus already listed the accounts as disputed, we see no violation by not confirming what's already reported."

They then note that I had made a payment on the 2002 account and that I didn't dispute that when I had the opportunity. Of course, I only disputed the 2003 & 2004 accounts, and have never been in contact with them about them.

So, how would you respond?


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