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Photograph the clothes while they're on a mannequinn to show the shape of the clothes and the style that they're meant to be worn.

This will help you get more for your clothes.

Just don't ask me where to find a mannequinn. I give advice, not all the answers. :wink:

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I just sold my LV bag for $350 :shock: Authentic of course.

Also had a non authentic that sold for $80 and a wallet for $80 as well. However nowhere in the auction did I claim it to BE authentic and now im fighting the buyer as they want their money back. They are new to ebay. I told them that the authenticity was not guaranteed to me, therefore I cannot guarantee it to them. My main objection is: SHE NEVER ASKED BEFORE BUYING THE DAMN THING!!!

I had a TON of people inquiring about the authenticity and I was honest with them beforehand.

For petes sake people....if ya got a question friggin ask!!

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