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Big Time Help Needed For a Friend


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Hi all.

Check this out. My friend had an 8000 judgement placed against him back in September for an 8000 Credit card bill from the lovely MBNA / Bank of America folks. He didnt go to the court date (obviously) and had the judgement levied against him. A few weeks ago, a Sheriff from the county (You know, these "deputies" who make $8 per hour and act like they are the state attorney general! and act like they never had financial problems) showed up at his door step with papers titled "schedule of property levied upon and set aside". PA RCPDJ Numbers 407, 408.

The "sheriff" gave him papers listing several items on his property that would be "levied" upon. Funny enough they included in great detail his deck furniture, sofa and chairs, TV, Table and lamps, etc. Even though the "sheriff" never entered his home to see if he had a TV, sofa, chairs, etc. )It also included his vehicle that he does not even own because he is only 2 yrs into a 5 year loan with his bank...........

So my question is -----can the "sheriff" who showed up at his doorstep actually "take" his vehicle even if he doesnt own it b/c the bank owns it? (I dont think so, but am not sure)! This is crazy stuff but he is scared to death and I want to help him. His vehicle loan is thru Triad FInancial, so I told him they couldnt take his vehicle or they would have to deal with the lender..

Help anyone? Am I right or am I wrong? Anyone from PA have a similar instance?

Thanks again for all or any help.

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