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Providian CO Gone


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Ok...DH calls me from work to tell me that Cavalry called him. He can't answer his cell phone at work. They didn't leave a message.

So I got a little worried. Knowing that DH has been approved for a few new accounts, and that CA's keep an eye on you to try and get money out of you.

So, I pulled his reports from TC, no new inquiries from Cavalry (unless it's soft...they have been known to do that to him).

But, his Providian CO has disappeared from EQ.

I'm not sure if we should be happy...or if we should be worried about Cavalry.

I even called the number that bigjohnstud had posted for Providian, and when I pop in his old CC number, I get a message saying "Your account has been sold to Cavalry"....of course I never let that message finish :lol:8-)

I'm also wondering if because it's tax time, that they become hounds, trying to get those yearly commissions in early!

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