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To say hi, and because so many of you were following this:

My daughter finally left for good two days before her 18th birthday. I have not seen her since, and the only thing I heard from her was an email, telling me that her and her 20y/o loser b/f are living together at his parent's house. (for those of you who don't know, the history is long, and most of it can be found here.)

I tried my best to help her, but when my DXW and his parents were both working against me, the task was impossible. Oh well. I figure that life will teach her what I could not, and she will have to learn the hard way.

In other news, I earned another degree this fall, and I am now working on my next one. This one will be a BSN. Working two jobs and taking a 12 hour course load is time consuming to say the least. (Last semester I took 18 hours)

I am ready to file my latest lawsuit against a CA. This one is against Prince Parker and Associates for their illegal attempts to collect a debt for Bell South. I have them on State and FDCPA violations. They deleted when I filed my first dispute, so I don't have the FCRA, but I should still get a few bucks.

In other good news, my only negative, the paid collection that started my quest for credit repair, will fall off due to old age in just 3 1/2 weeks. If my one clean report (TU) is any guide, I am expecting a 70-90 point boost.

I am taking a birthday cruise soon. The big 4-0. I am an empty nester, so it will be a good cruise overall.

That is my update, so good luck all.

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I agree with DocDon. Sometimes there's just nothing you can do. I have a friend who has a daughter like that. We thought being in jail would straighten her out, but it didn't for very long.

And your educational quests are admirable. I'm about a generation older than you and just finished an MBA this year.

Have fun on the cruise!!

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Wonderful to hear from you! Having a daughter exactly that age, I can definitely understand how much you are hurting. I think it's even harder on dad's than mom's sometimes. Hopefully things will work themselves out in the end and your relationship will emerge stronger and on a more adult footing.

A birthday cruise! That sounds like a dream! I've been needing a vacation for so long, have fun and get a great tan!

I'm also about to start the school thing up again, doing a dual masters, classes start on the 22nd! I'm nervous!

Chin up and welcome back!:D

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Welcome back! I've been reading your words of CIC wisdom for the last couple of month's and have found them very helpful. Thanks for everything.

I have an almost 15 year old step-daughter who is heading down the same path. We're trying very hard but the damage has already been done. We just can't seem to get her to think about anything but herself and can't get her to realize that what she's doing now is going to shape her the rest of her life.

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Been through it with teenage kids and step-kids, things weren't quite as bad, but its worth it when they become adults and reality smacks them in the face and they realize that the world does not revolve around them.

To parents of teenagers:

"Its not fair!"

"You're ruining my life!"

"You just don't understand!"

"Things are different now than when you were my age!"

"This is our music!" - My favorite. I asked one of my daughters "If no one understands what you are going through because the situation you are in is so unique, how can you go and play a CD with songs that describe the exact problem you are having?"

That was us, when we were kids, now its our kids. When my kids would tell me I just didn't understand, I would point to the framed quote in my home office:

"When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years." ---Mark Twain

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"This is our music!" - My favorite. I asked one of my daughters "If no one understands what you are going through because the situation you are in is so unique, how can you go and play a CD with songs that describe the exact problem you are having?"

LOL..awesome! I'm gonna save that one up big!

I have two daughters, 10 and 9, and I'm really terrified... mostly of the 9 year old. My oldest seems to have been raised by different parents, she's a neat freak and a perfectionist and likely (and wonderfully) a prude. She gets her self-esteem from accolades from teachers and organizations... while my 9 year old lives in her shadow and rejects all things success because of it... lots of work!

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