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CA Addresses and FAX Numbers...


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Hi everyone, i've started a list of CA Addresses, phone, and fax numbers below. I didn't see anything in the stickies. Feel free to contribute. Also if you find any errors please let me know.

West Asset Management

2253 Northwest Parkway, 500

Marietta, GA 30067

Phone: 770-618-2206

Fax: 770-618-3787

Web Site: http://www.westassetmanagement.com


PO BOX 1810


Phone: 1-800-498-2223

Fax: 614-223-0686

Web Site: http://www.cbcsnational.com

NCO Financial

507 Prudential Road

Horsham, PA 19044

Web Site: http://www.ncogroup.com/

Phone: (800) 550-9619

Fax: (866) 269-8669

Premier Financial & Credit Service of TN

100 Cherokee Blvd Ste 204

Chattanooga, TN 37405

Phone: (423) 752-3140

(No fax...yet)

(No website...yet)

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